The Benefits of Getting a Pregnancy Massage

The Benefits of Getting a Pregnancy Massage –

Pregnancy massage is a great addition to an expecting mother’s prenatal care since they relieve a lot of the stress, both physical and emotional, that comes along with pregnancy, as well as promote good health and overall well-being for both mother and child. There are many benefits to having a prenatal massage, but here are the top 4 most beneficial.

1. Increased Circulation

Massage therapy works to improve blood flow and lymphatic circulation, keeping blood pressure at healthy levels. The increased blood flow can also relieve muscle tension in areas of the body afflicted by the extra weight brought on by carrying a baby.

2. Decreased Swelling

Various prenatal massage techniques used by registered massage therapists help combat the sore or swollen legs, feet, and lower back by reducing pain and edema that is common during pregnancies.

3. Relieves Pain and Discomfort

Headaches, lower-back pain, neck and shoulder tension brought on by pregnancy can be relieved by the release of serotonin during a massage, as well as techniques used to target pain and discomfort in specific areas of the body.

4. Reduce Stress Brought on By Hormones to Improve Sleep

Massage therapy during pregnancy, as well as after, reduces anxiety, diminishes discomfort, increases relaxation, and facilitates the release of endorphins by your body, helping to balance your sleep patterns and giving you a good night’s rest!

Our RMTs have experience working with mothers-to-be and offer pregnancy massages in Vancouver. Remember to consult with your doctor before booking to ensure that a pregnancy massage is a right choice for your particular pregnancy and prenatal care routine, especially if your pregnancy is classified as high-risk.

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