Treating Whiplash With A Rehabilitation Massage

Treating Whiplash With A Rehabilitation MassageTreating Whiplash With A Rehabilitation Massage –

October marks the beginning of the much dreaded rainy season in Vancouver bringing with it poor weather conditions, slips and falls on the wet sidewalk and more accidents on the road, leading to an increase of people suffering from whiplash-related symptoms. Whether you’ve experienced whiplash from a car accident, a rough game of flag-football, too many jostling rides on the roller coaster at Fright Nights this year, or a bump on the head from falling debris in a storm, you know how hard the symptoms can be to deal with. A rehabilitation massage can relieve those symptoms and help the injured soft tissues heal.

How a Rehabilitation Massage Works

Accompanied by headaches, soreness in your neck, and ringing in your ears, the pain, and fatigue of whiplash can affect the performance of day-to-day activities. A rehabilitation massage combines a variety of techniques and modalities to treat those symptoms and more. These methods often include incorporating the following:

  • Myofascial release to reduce adhesions in the fascia (connective tissue) interwoven in the muscles of the neck and shoulders using a gentle and sustained pressure to stimulate the stretch reflex and improve blood and lymphatic circulation to the area giving patients relief from tension.
  • Deep tissue massage using more directed pressure to break down tough knots and injuries within the deeper layers of muscles, tendons, and ligaments, providing pain relief and promoting healing.
  • Trigger point release by applying isolated pressure which is then released to treat referral pain, soreness or reduced range of motion in other areas of the body caused by the injured tissues, like the common migraines that arise from a neck injury caused by whiplash.

The Healing Benefits

Rehabilitation massage can offer many benefits to patients suffering from whiplash such as an increase in oxygen flow to injured tissues,  promoting blood and nutrients circulation to the affected area, relief from pain while healing, increased relaxation, and often, can prevent the recurring of chronic pain that results from more severe whiplash injuries. If you were injured and if you like to know how massage can give you relief from daily pain, come and see one of our registered massage therapists today!

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