Treatment Modalities at Davie Village RMT

Swedish Massage

A general relaxation massage that incorporates lighter pressure and helps to alleviate stress. Can incorporate more therapeutic treatment styles. Best suited for Full body tightness. 


Deep Tissue Massage

A therapeutic treatment that uses deeper pressure to specific muscles to decrease pain and improve overall wellness. More commonly used to treat Back Pain, Work Related Tension, and Sore and Stiff Joints.


Sports Massage

A deep tissue massage that targets local and specific areas due to Sports Injuries. A sports massage is also an excellent treatment following a gym workout or after running a marathon.



Explained at the end of a treatment and used with other treatment modalities. Strengthening is used for muscular weakness/imbalances and stretching is used on tight muscles/limited movement.


***Notice: Due to the slightly longer interview and home-care for the first treatment, a 60 to 75 minute treatment time is recommended for the first visit.***

Great RMTs and a Welcoming Atmosphere

If you have neck, back or shoulder pain or had a stressful day at work come and see us for a soothing massage! Treatments covered by most extended benefit plans in BC