What We Stand For Our Vision, Mission and Values

Vision and Mission


To become the preferred Registered Massage Therapy Clinic in Vancouver and surrounding areas.


To provide outstanding treatments to our patients, who seek pain relief and to increase their personal well-being. We will achieve this by attracting talented and skilled partners, by supporting our community and respecting the natural environment


Acting with Integrity

We will always act with integrity and communicate with our patients on a regular basis to ensure that we deliver as promised. We will use professional courtesy and judgment in our decisions, and we will advise our patients and partners of any changes that affect them directly or indirectly.

Long-Term Relationships

When you deal with us, you become part of our family and us of yours. Our primary objective is to ensure you feel better after each treatment and you live a healthier, happier life as a result. The relationship will be built on trust, mutual respect, and collaboration.

Valuing Diversity

Canada is a multicultural society where we get to experience and understand other people’s values, but also our differences, which makes us a stronger, united and progressive society. Thus, we actively recognize professional and individual diversity at both organizational and patient levels.

Seeking to Excel

We understand that delivering outstanding treatments to our patients requires hard work and dedication on our part. We support our team to improve professionally by attending education institutions and by pursuing or maintaining professional designation in the main functional areas of our business.